Kenneth L. Davis, MD
President and Chief Executive Officer
Mount Sinai Health System

Niyum Gandhi
Executive Vice President
Chief Financial Officer
Mount Sinai Health System

Gary C. Butts, MD
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Mount Sinai Health System
Dean for Diversity Programs, Policy, and Community Affairs
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Commitment to Diversity in Suppliers

 Mount Sinai Health System is committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our community, including those companies that supply us with the products and services that allow us to provide care to our patients. We believe our supplier base needs to reflect the relationships and richness of the neighborhoods we serve and the patients who entrust their care to us.

We will achieve this by intentionally partnering with organizations owned by Blacks, Latinos, and other minorities, and by women, veterans, and LGBTQ and disabled people, as well as with small businesses or those in historically underutilized business zones. We will ensure these suppliers are actively identified and included in Mount Sinai’s purchasing strategies and sourcing activities by setting intentional specific metrics, identifying and addressing gaps in areas such as spend level or within specific commodities, using these metrics across the organization to stay on course, and partnering with our group purchasing organization to support diversity.

Our commitment to supplier diversity is part of our overall diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy. By partnering with more diverse suppliers while providing groundbreaking and compassionate health care, we will strive to improve health outcomes and contribute to a more equitable environment for our community.

To learn more about our commitment to supplier diversity or to ask questions, please visit the supplier diversity website or email