Recognizing the Fourth of July

As we reflect on this day and what it means to each of us, we invite you to study the words of Frederick Douglass’ famous 1852 speech, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” 

Explore the DEI Academy

The DEI Academy is a multi-modal employee resource that combines legacy virtual and in person ODI offerings with a centralized PEAK online learning platform.

Road Map for Action To Address Racism 2023 Annual Report

Our inaugural annual report presents the Health System’s progress toward achieving our goal to become an anti-racist health care and learning institution.

Road Map for Action Bulletins

Check out the latest Road Map for Action Bulletin to learn about recent efforts on our journey to become an anti-racist health care and learning institution.

Mount Sinai Today Stories

Visit the Mount Sinai Today blog to read stories on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives across the health system.

Featured Book: Stamped From The Beginning

In Stamped From The Beginning: The Definited History of Racist Ideas in America, bestselling author and professor, Ibram X. Kendi uses the life stories of five intellectuals to tell the history of racist ideas and ideals in America.

Inclusion Matters. Equity Matters. Black Lives Matter.

Read powerful statements from our MSHS Family to challenge and encourage us on our journey to realize the end of racism.

Knowledge is Power

Search through our diversity, equity, and inclusion resources for information on system-wide efforts around health equity, disparities, and understanding racism, prejudice, and bias in America.

Do Your Duty and Report! We Stand Together Against Racism and Bias.

Mount Sinai opposes and condemns all forms of racism, bigotry, and hate. We stand with our students, faculty, trainees, patients, and staff, and all members of our community who experience marginalization and bias. An attack on any one of us is an attack on us all.

Your ability to report experiences of racism or discrimination that occur within and around our health system is very important to us. Whether those experiences are firsthand or something you may have witnessed, the information is crucial for us to respond as necessary to create a more inclusive and anti-racist environment. 


Submit a report through the Safety Net desktop application.


Submit a confidential and anonymous report by calling the Compliance Helpline at 1-800-853-9212 or submitting a web report below.